You've never been to a live event, or at least one that has left you as amazed as his will, until you've encountered Chad Van Dyke as the announcer.  For years he's used his voice to entertain and educate you at events so vast even he is amazed.

He started at NEITA Raceway north of Cedar Falls, IA, in the 1970's, filling in for the announcer at the drag strip.  While the main announcer was enjoying a hot dog and a cold Pepsi-Cola, Van Dyke would climb into the announcers chair, put his lips to the microphone and begin his colorful announcements of the race even before it would begin.  He'd walk you through the starting lineup and keep you on pins and needles while he meticulously called the race all the way through to the chutes opening at the end of the quarter mile stretch.

This newfound talent has led him to years of announcing at events too numerous to count.  He's announced NASCAR, dirt car racing, motorcycle shows and racing, dog racing and classic car shows.  He's DJ at dances and even on the radio in the 1980's as the midnight to six in the morning boy "playing your stacks of wax, your nifty fifty, dial 1330 on your AM radio".  He was also co-host to "in the pits" from the Highway 3 Speedway, telling his listeners all the details of the activity behind the racing scene.  If you've been to a rock 'n roll concert, chances are pretty good that Chad Van Dyke entertained you at least once, announcing the bands and their talented musicians.

However, it doesn't stop there.  We've all been to County Fairs and listened as our next door neighbor's daughter, our daughters or granddaughters, or our babysitter were announced as candidate for the County Fair Princess, crossing our fingers that they would be the one chosen to represent their County at the State Fair.  Or we might have been seated in the grandstands watching the chicken chase or the greased pig contest as young boys and girls tried to catch them missing by a mile, in the background listening to the canter of the lively announcer entertain us with his colorful description of the festivities.  Don't forget the Rodeo cowboys as they ride the bucking bronco or the Brahma bull, hoping to stay on for the full count.  Well, Chad's been there more times than any of us, as the background announcer to keep the event rolling. 

Closest to his heart are the charity events he's volunteered his voice to.  Nearest and dearest is the "Harleys 'n Hot Rods" fundraiser for the Make-A-Wish foundation, raising money for terminally ill children who have "one last wish" to fulfill the dream of their lifetime.  Chad has poured his heart into this event for many years now (he's lost count) working throughout the year preparing for another successful event and then seeing it through, past it's conclusion. 

If you're looking for a gifted announcer, Chad's the man to call.

"Motorcycle Events" along the way.

Ride to the races for MDA, Independence Motor Speedway.


Join Paul Riddell's Imperial Stunt Drivers for a show near you. Chad will be calling the action for shows throughout the Midwest.

Harleys and Hot Rod Events

Above: Legendary stunt driver, Tonny Petersen and Chad. Imperial Hell Drivers, July 2007, Anoka, MN.

At right, Toby "Ziggy" Thibodeau and Chad. Smashing good time in Anoka, MN. Toby chalks up another pile of metal mayhem!!