1968 - First motorcycle: Bridgestone 90.

1st Car
1955 Ford 2-Door Wagon. $35 with mouse nests included in sale price.

Who I learned From Early In Life
Dedicated to my Grandfather D.L. "Dub" Woodley - about the true meaning of competition and a good race!

1965 Chevy Wagon - R/PA.

Sometimes they bite.

1974 - Injected small block altered.

1974 - Getting ready to ride the altered.

1975 - Roger and Al Lechtenberg, Jim Eggleston, and myself purchased the former dual engine dragster "Six Session" and shortened it to one motor 292 Chev "6; - 3 Webar carbs. Merv Scott Slipper, Lenco, Olympia Beer sponsored. Great success in N.H.R.A. Division 5.

A little dirt action. Six traffic tickets for driving it to the track and was destroyed in its maiden race.

(Right) Hawkeye Racing News. Chevy Six dragster.

1975 - After the Feb car show.
Never leave the race shop in winter in Iowa.

1972 Sportster. A bike or two along the way.

Early 80's. Radar and I learned a bit about dirt.

(Above) 1995 - Radar won the UDRA top Alcohol Dragster Championship. (Right) Getting ready to fire it. Same car after new lightweight front half installed.

1954 Harley K-R Hill Climber.

1979 FLH someplace in Montana. Remember when you actually had to work on them to ride 'em?

Early Sturgis stage before the Trailer Rally years!!

(Left) Iowa's First Lady, Christy Vilsack, enjoyed her 1st Harley ride on the 88 Twin Cam.

Radar's current ride. Nostalgia top fuel dragster.

Greg Kastli exercising #73. This car destroyed shortly after this shot during the evening's feature July 21 '07 "Indee."